Windowed Borderless Gaming

Play all your games in windowed borderless mode

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Windowed benefits, with a fullscreen feel!

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How it works

Must have for streaming games that do not have the option build in. Stream fullscreen @1080p while still being able to easy Alt/Tab out as if you were in windowed mode. This way you can stream in top quallity while still communiccating with your viewers.
Or play your game on your second monitor, thanks to our mouse locking options this application makes sure your cursor stays in your game window while you play.

If you have a Steam account you can join our official Steam group, where we have a helpful community on the forum, and where you can also make you suggestion for new features and/or improvements.

Simply add a game window to the application and from then on it will make sure your game will be borderless everytime you play automatically.

Configure the settings globally or individually per game, to get the best experience.

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Why use this program to play fake-fullscreen?

  • You will have a fullscreen experience with all the benefits of running the game in a window.
  • Allot of modern games run smoother when running in a window. No more need for V-sync.
  • No more downloading loads of diffrent apps to get diffrent games borderless, now you have one app to rule them all.
  • Simple to use, add any game within a few seconds only once and the program will remember it for the next time you play.